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bean counting.jpg

Bean Counting

Outdoor Learning

During our Jack and The Beanstalk Topic in the 3/4 Year Old Room. one of the adult supported activities was a Bean Counting Game where the children had to match the gem's to the numbered bean leaf

frog headband2.jpg

Frog Headbands

Adult Supported Activity

In our 2 Year Old room the topic has been "Life Cycle of a Frog" the children enjoyed making their own Frog Headbands to support their play 

free play.jpg

Home Corner

Free Play

At Duke of Gloucester Playgroup children are always learning through play, which is why we offer lots of opportunities for free play! This allows the children to initiate their own activities and select their own toys and resources

painting with nature.jpg

Learning Through Nature

Adult Supported Activity

Using paintbrushes made of natural objects such as grass, flowers and twigs to paint and mark make with


Bean Growing

Adult Supported Activity

Recently, the children enjoyed planting their own bean seed then watching them grow at pre-school before taking them home to plant them in their own garden and watch their beanstalk grow!

blossom painting.jpg

Blossom Painting

Adult Supported Activity

Using different tools to create pattern's on our Blossom Flowers for Topic Board in the 2 Year Old Room

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